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Our Values

The CPE du Y contributes to the well-being and the overall and harmonious development of each child by using preventive and constructive educational approaches.

We want our program to be a source of inspiration and reference, for anyone who, at a specific time, comes to participate in the life of our daycare center. We promote harmonious relationships between children, staff and parents. Thus, the parent or educator who joins our daycare center must adhere to the principles of our program.

The well-being of the child is at the heart of our actions and our concerns. We deeply believe that the harmonious evolution of the child goes through his emotional well-being and the development of his self-confidence.

Our mission is therefore translated as follows: we must guide the child in his knowledge of himself. Our role is to help the child to better understand his thoughts, emotions, and body, so that he can use all of his resources well. A child who feels loved for what he is and respected in his needs will have a better chance of developing harmoniously.

In the perspective of the educational program, the CPE has three educational missions so that each child finds with our organization a welcoming, warm, respectful and stimulating environment and in which he can flourish and discover the world that shares with him what same environment.

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